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A prenatal clinical study for pregnant mothers and their unborn XLHED-affected sons

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EDELIFE is a clinical study aiming to investigate the potential of a prenatal treatment, ER004, for XLHED, a rare genetic disease.

The clinical trial is open to pregnant women who have not yet reached the 23rd week of pregnancy, have a genetic confirmation of their XLHED status and have their unborn son affected.

Pregnant women will be enrolled in the study at investigational centers in Europe and in the USA, under the care of clinical experts.

While this web site is being developed, if you are interested in knowing more about the EDELIFE clinical trial, please visit www.clinicaltrials.gov or contact the physician, principal study investigator Prof. Dr. med. Holm Schneider at holm.schneider@uk-erlangen.de

International clinical study opened now for enrolment

in Germany

More investigational centers to open soon in Europe and the USA

This website is for families interested in the EDELIFE clinical study and looking for more information about it.

Our website is under construction and will be shortly available with more practical details on the clinical trial, its goal, who can participate, and how to participate.
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